Why Growth Matters For Corporates

Sustaining a company’s performance during a recession is not just about survival, but also about ensuring that the company is well positioned for an upturn in the cycle.

Global Frontier Partners has deep expertise in growth strategies as we firmly believe that profitable revenue growth is the primary driver of long-term shareholder value creation. Our professionals have extensive experience as strategy consultants at major firms such as Boston Consulting Group and Accenture, sales experience in solution selling, and as line business executives with direct responsibility for revenue growth.  These experiences have led us to identify the five habits of growth leaders:

  1. They play defence and offence: Besides protecting their market position, these companies are still looking to strengthen their strategic position
  2. They actively seek growth: Growth leaders continually work on the three axes of the “Growth Cube” – new customer segments, new products or services (innovation) and new geographies (emerging markets)
  3. They continue to invest in the core: Instead of milking the core business during difficult times, they further sub-segment their markets, re-evaluate the customer portfolio, renew their marketing spends and enhance their customer service levels
  4. They re-visit the customer value equation: Growth leaders capitalise on changing customer requirements to re-create their business and/or pricing model and capture a higher share of consumer spending
  5. They stay nimble and opportunistic: Recognizing competitors’ weakness, they will thrust forward as others withdraw or retrench. M&A becomes a more efficient tool for growth as assets become cheaper

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