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The Mandate

Provide program management support and subject matter expertise to replace an existing mainframe system with a web-based application in order to strengthen the firm’s growth strategy in the US mortgage markets.

Approach and Key Findings

The firm’s US operations are a market leader in providing wholesale bridge financing to mortgage lenders. These lenders submit home mortgage loans that are securitized and sold to investors. The firm’s operations were based on an antiquated mainframe system that relied upon email and supporting documentation to transpose information for processing and validation before advancing bridge financing to the lenders. The goal of the project was to replace this system and associated processes with a web-based application that would allow mortgage lenders to directly upload data into the system. The system would then automatically review, validate, and then calculate the financing that mortgage lenders could receive until the submitted mortgages would be securitized.

The project team worked closely with the business and technology teams to specify, test, and deliver a streamlined workflow for servicing the loans and preparing them to be packaged into mortgage pools for securitization. The team also helped design the internal financial reports and reviewed the accuracy of the reports, particularly asset/liability funding reports, that would be used for internal funding requests and risk management.


The system was rolled out successfully to the firm’s wholesale clients after 18 months. It enabled the firm to increase funding to its wholesale clients and increase its market share while enhancing operating margins.


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