Regional Beverages Distributor

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A regional beverages company that was doubling its production capacity yet was losing market share and getting concentrated in less profitable demographic and geographic markets.

The Mandate

The client wanted to ensure that its sales processes, systems and people were restructured and capable of expanding sales profitably before the additional capacity went on-stream.


The client needed to expand its business or see its competitors continue to take market share. The client’s sales organization historically had an “order-taking” culture that was finding itself squeezed out as other beverage companies moved aggressively. The client asked us to overhaul its sales operating model.

First, we created a framework for reconstructing the current sales model with a focus on identifying industry best practices, targeting the right geographic and demographic markets, analyzing the gaps between the current sales model and the target sales model, and then building a roadmap to get to the target state.  In the second phase, we conducted extensive interviews with both existing and competitors’ sales staffs across the client’s markets to better understand its perceived strengths and weaknesses. We then analyzed retail purchase data for the preceding 12 months to add a quantitative basis to the qualitative research. We also conducted extensive research to identify best practices in India and internationally

In the final phase of the project, we designed the target sales model to minimize the cost of sales while enhancing coverage. In addition, we drafted an operational roadmap to get to the new sales model by identifying 12 key elements that required modification such as sales strategy, organizational structure, incentive structure, and training of staff.


The client is currently implementing our recommendations.

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