National Consumer Bank


A national retail bank that serves over 37 million customers through an extensive branch network and online services. It has over $60 billion in assets and generates over $6.5 billion in annual revenu

The Mandate

The client had been experiencing slower growth in non-interest income streams.  Our charter was to understand the opportunities for increasing these revenue streams and improving the bank’s profitability, while ensuring the bank remained competitive to its peers.


As part of the study, we benchmarked the bank’s service offerings and prices with its competitors.  We determined that service pricing was a critical weakness.  The client lacked a consistent policy with regards to pricing and decisions were taken in an ad-hoc fashion.  We developed a framework for the client which indicated that specific strategies be developed for each category of fees.

The first category encompassed those fees that are frequently compared by customers across competing banks. Here, the strategy was to remain price competitive. The second category of fees was premium features that customers rarely compared. We told the client that it had an opportunity to charge a premium and benchmark itself with a different peer group. The third category included penalties; customer errors for which the bank typically did not charge them.  This was contrary to industry best practices.  We suggested that these fees continue to be waived for premium customers but be reinstated for other customers as they often considered themselves responsible for the errors.

Besides the opportunity to improve the pricing structure, we discovered that there was also an opportunity to improve price administration.  Several fees waivers were being provided at the branches, and the lack of proper calculation tools was resulting in unintended discounts.  Correcting these lapses generated a significant revenue uplift opportunity for the bank. We also determined that there were products being offered by competitors that were not being provided by our client.  These products provided customers with more flexible pricing structures linked to actual volumes. Not providing these products was also resulting in customer attrition.


The combination of strategic pricing, new products with flexible pricing, and improved pricing management led to a significant revenue uplift while helping the bank enhance its competitiveness. The bank achieved a 30% increase in service fees within a year from its retail operations.

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