European Midcap Technology Company


European technology company that is a global leader in security and has over €2 billion in sales. It has ambitious plans to achieve double-digit, year-on-year revenue growth over the next five years.

The Mandate

The client had identified a new business solution that built upon its existing products. We were asked to estimate the market, determine whether it is sizable enough to move out of its business incubator, and develop a better understanding of the key opportunities and solution requirements.

Approach and Key Findings

There were three workstreams for the project: (1) a multiple-stakeholder, internal workshop (2) data collection and market model creation and (3) data analysis, strategy implications, and high-level roadmap for developing the opportunity.

As preparation for the team workshop, we established the segmentation variables, identified potential segments, and drafted a customer experience model to guide discussions. The workshop brought together multiple stakeholders and helped shape the eventual solution offering.

Simultaneously, extensive data collection was used to create a market estimation model. Our team defined micro-level customer segments and developed practical estimates of the addressable market.  We mapped out the strategy and approach of the early players in each segment – and the implications for our client’s strategy. We judged each segment’s attractiveness and benchmarked it against other segments. For each of the preferred segments, we proposed a solution design and identified the key stakeholders in the sales process.

We estimated that the new category could become a sizeable business within 3 years; with nominal investments focused on business development rather than R&D.  We developed a low-investment market validation strategy that is helping our client increase it’s innovation throughput.


  • Determined that there is an opportunity for a sizable revenue stream with attractive speed to market timelines and minimal investment in R&D. Identified high-priority segments and target clients
  • Our approach is now being used more broadly, within the client organization, to hasten the new business incubation process

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