Fortune 500 Apparel Brand


Fortune 500 apparel company with a mix of wholesale and retail sales.  Strong global presence.

The Mandate

The client was struggling with its operations in one of the South American markets and asked for us to help rewrite the distribution strategy for the company – including retail, wholesale and e-commerce.


We conducted a detailed benchmarking and field research study to understand the current distribution landscape in  the country.  This included more than a 150 store surveys across 3 cities and secondary research on 25 competitors and multi-brand outlets.  In addition we profiled the SKU sales patterns and suitability of different e-commerce sites as a channel for our client.

Subsequent to the field work, our team plotted the opportunity and competitor landscape using mapping software – giving the data a rich visual representation.  We conducted multiple workshops with the client team to evaluate city and neighborhood specific opportunities in the country to arrive at a granular retail opportunity description.

We then worked with the wholesale team to identify areas where they would achieve penetration independent of the retail stores, and where they would complement the efforts of the retail team.  This helped provide more specificity to the targets, helped achieve cohesion with the retail plan and led to more effective coverage in the country.

On the e-commerce front, our work revealed that the client had been focusing on the wrong consumer segments, their online efforts lacked depth compared to their competitors and they had made sub-optimal investments in marketing.


  • Category leading retail penetration rates
  • Co-ordination between retail and wholesale to create an integrated strategy
  • Re-targeted online strategy with broader range of SKUs and marketing to support

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