Growth Strategy

The 5 Habits of Growth Leaders

1. They play defence and offence: Besides protecting their market position, these companies are still looking to strengthen their strategic position.

2. They actively seek growth: Growth leaders continually work on the three axes of the “Growth Cube” – new customer segments, new products or services (innovation) and new geographies (emerging markets).

3. They continue to invest in the core: Instead of milking the core business during difficult times, they further sub-segment their markets, re-evaluate the customer portfolio, renew their marketing spends and enhance their customer service levels.

4. They re-visit the customer value equation: Growth leaders capitalise on changing customer requirements to re-create their business and/or pricing model and capture a higher share of consumer spending.

5. They stay nimble and opportunistic: Recognizing competitors’ weakness, they will thrust forward as others withdraw or retrench. M&A becomes a more efficient tool for growth as assets become cheaper.

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