Commercial Due Diligence

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A private equity firm or business seeking to make an acquisition needs to understand not only the specific performance of the intended target, but how this relates to projected market conditions and its competition within a specific industry. Making an acquisition means considering not only the merits of an individual business, but also the context in which the business operates. Without understanding the unique qualities of the sector a business is in, it is impossible to assess a target’s attractiveness and arrive at a realistic valuation.

A whole range of factors can influence the competitive state of a market. These include technology, customers, legislation, powerful buyers and the emergence of new geographic markets. Each of these needs to be considered for the impact that they might exert on the future value of an acquisition. A potential acquisition may be projecting very high earnings. These need to be validated against data from the market to test their reliability. Equally, earnings projections may be based on the development of new products or markets. These assumptions also need to be assessed against the broader general market. Our general framework for conducting commercial due diligence is shown below.

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